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Which notebook?

Created on: October 16, 2015
If you’ve looked at our products page, you’ll already know that we offer three main types of customisable notebook. But what type of notepad should you choose? View More

Corporate notebooks

Created on: October 02, 2015
While the easy option for any business is to stick its logo on the cover corner of staff notepads, smarter companies are evolving their use of notebooks. View More

Want column inches?

Created on: September 16, 2015
If you regularly send out press releases and want a journalist to pay special attention to you, why not send them a present in the form of a customised notebook? View More

The notebook that cares for the earth

Created on: September 08, 2015
One of the most pressing issues today is our environment; so imagine if something as simple as your notebook could convey that you share that concern. View More

Organise your projects

Created on: August 24, 2015
If you have a hobby that requires a degree of record keeping - you probably have a plethora of notebooks of various shapes and sizes. View More

Customised notebooks: The perfect gift

Created on: August 10, 2015
Here at My Own Notepad, we specialise in making customised notebooks that are truly unique for businesses, corporate customers and indivduals. View More

Cover story: Your customised notebook

Created on: July 10, 2015
Customised notebooks are ideal for anyone who wants a unique canvas on which to record their thoughts or important notes. But what should you put on the cover? . To help you, we’ve come up with some suggestions! View More

Customise your marketing campaign

Created on: June 24, 2015
Customised notebooks can be a great addition to your marketing campaign. They're versatile, inexpensive, and look great - and here's three ways they could be used to market your business. View More