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Beyond the basics: 8 Finishing Touches Every Event Planner Need to Know

Created on: November 29, 2017
Planning and orchestrating an event is hard. Planning and orchestrating a memorable event which people actually enjoy is even harder. View More

3 best corporate Christmas gift ideas

Created on: November 21, 2017
As the festive season rolls in, many companies look at ways to use this popular time of year to boost marketing. 'Tis the perfect season for reaching out to new customers but also, and just as importantly, re-connecting with existing clients. View More

4 ways to make your daily commute more productive

Created on: November 16, 2017
As an entrepreneur, your most valuable asset is time. Every minute of the day offers potential to work on ideas, implement tasks and progress your business. View More

3 clever ways that notebooks can enhance creativity

Created on: November 02, 2017
The physical nature of using a notebook to write can also help to improve cognition, as it engages the part of the brain that’s responsible for processing information. View More

Christmas gifts and work parties- are you ready?

Created on: October 25, 2017
It won't be long until talks of presents, secret Santa gifts, and work parties will begin to start dominating discussions. Gift-giving can throw people off course if not enough thought or planning goes into it. View More

Meshing digital and analogue systems in the workplace

Created on: October 18, 2017
Digitisation is rife across workplaces. More and more, offices turn to screens and automated systems, converting to them from clunky reams of folders and paper. View More

How To Make Your Own Notebook Online

Created on: October 13, 2017
The only thing more fun than a notebook is receiving a personalised notebook! View More

The perfect thank you gift for hairdressing and beauty clients

Created on: October 11, 2017
Whether you own a beauty salon or run a mobile hairdressing company, you'll know how important customer retention is in this industry. View More