Design & Create Your Own Custom Spiral Notebooks & Notepads

Branded spiral notebooks are a cool and unique way to make your mark as you go about your daily life. Discover more today.

Spiral notebooks have long been a favourite in offices, schools and homes, because of their utility and long-lasting design.

The spiral bind means less pages tearing and it’s much easier to write on both sides of the book when folded over. There’s also something a bit more quirky and fun in spiral notebooks compared to the more traditional glue binds of a hardback book.

The ability to design personalised spiral notebooks means you can incorporate your own colours, fonts, photos or illustrations on the front and/or back covers.

This makes for a wonderful gift for someone who takes notes, whether they’re studying, working a side hustle or just enjoy note taking, journalling or creative writing in their spare time.

It’s a very impressive marketing tool for businesses, too. Having your own branded spiral notebooks will make a distinct impression when you use them at networking events, conferences or 1-1 meetings.

If you have bigger teams, you can customise the branded notebooks with logos to suit each project or department, making staff feel special and giving them the tools they need to plan and brainstorm.

They will likely thank you for choosing corporate spiral notebooks as well, given that they bring all the benefits of protecting the pages during transit that a hardback notebook does, but making it easier to get the most use out of front and back pages.

And why wait for someone else to buy you a notebook?

Make your own spiral notebooks with personal designs or messages. They’re a great way to jot down quick ideas, or take the time to note recipes, gardening tips, Christmas plans, anything really!


Choose from our range of sizes of twinwire books, from A4 to A6. Each book is made with high-quality paper with 160 pages (80 sheets). You have the choice between 8mm lined or blank pages. Hardback Twinwires have customisable front and back covers, made with a 1.6mm hardcover. Gloss Twinwire books are made from Maxi Satin 350gsm softer paper gloss material and have the option to personalise the front cover only, the back cover is unpersonalised with a 0.9mm plain board.

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