Branded bound notebooks have so many benefits, for so many different types of note takers, it’s almost hard to know where to start!

Let’s start with the obvious choice - the office. Corporate branded bound notebooks are a great employee morale booster when new stuff join, or simply as a New Year new materials gift.

Teams need notebooks for everything from taking down tasks assigned at meetings, to sharing learning from conference attendance or even just planning out new ideas during a brainstorm session.

The marketing benefits come when this professional branded bound notebook makes its way onto tables and is carried under arms to businesses around the city. The high quality finish and personalisation will show people that you are serious about your brand identity.

Outside the workplace, lots of people still enjoy using branded bound notebooks. You can personalise them as a gift for someone you know enjoys mindfulness journalling, or writing down their recipes.

Bloggers also enjoy a great notebook for planning ideas, as do students who keep multiple for lecture and study notes.

Anyone who needs to make notes or who enjoys writing creatively, will find that they can very quickly fill the pages of a bound notebook, and may even need more than one to get them through the year.

Of course bound notebooks come with all the benefits of their production, including the fact that they’re long-lasting and protect inner pages from wear and tear while in bags, drawers or on top of desks.

However, they also make for a unique gift idea. Having a personalised bound notebook makes it that little bit more special to work with.

You can choose colours and fonts that match a company brand. Or you can upload your own photography or illustrations. You can use existing template designs and add a special message.

Hardback Book

Use our online designer to create your own branded hardback notebooks with My Own Stationery. A4 & A5 sizes and multiple templates are available with 8mm lined pages.

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