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A branded A5 notebook is one of the most common accessories you'll see in any company, and they are becoming more and more important in saturated markets, read more today.

Stationary has made a huge comeback and even for those who don’t particularly need them, having a beautiful notebook is an Instagram-worthy purchase.

However, there are plenty of tangible reasons why a corporate A5 branded notebook is a good investment for your business. Not least, the fact that you need notebooks anyway, so why not make them twice as hard as a professional marketing tool for you.

The high quality finish coupled with the ability to upload your own logos and use your own fonts will make a great first impression when on the table at meetings.

Even outside the working world, a personalised A5 notebook makes for a lovely gift. When you can choose the designs and colours, upload your own photographs and illustrations, even writing a personal note or using the recipient’s name; these are all special ways to customise what is a great gift idea already.

A5 notebooks will always get used. Students need them for studying, families need them to plan meals, shopping lists and travel plans.

From bloggers planning creative writing to yogi’s journalling their end of day mindfulness, the list of those who would appreciate receiving a branded notebook just goes on and on.

Whether you invest in branded A5 notebooks for your company or you purchase personalised A5 notebooks as gifts, they will prove hard-wearing and long-lasting. The size makes them super easy to carry around in bags or simply in your hand.

And with a unique cover, the inner pages will be crying out to be used, bringing all the benefits of note-taking including memory recall, improving learning, reducing anxiety and helping creativity.

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