Design & Create Your Own Travel Notebook

A travel notebook is the perfect accessory to help you plan and log memories from the great trips in your life. Try creating your own today using our online designer!

A personalised travel notebook is the perfect gift for someone who has announced their intention to travel.

They will be planning itineraries, researching the best places to stay, eat and visit, they might be comparing insurance quotes and logging contact details for people to meet when they're there. Keeping all of the safe in one travel notebook will make for such a useful and thoughtful item.

Whether it’s some city break sightseeing or a few months backpacking around far flung destinations, a travel notebook will definitely come in useful.

Travel notebooks can be chosen based on size, with pocket notebooks especially lightweight and easy to pack.

The act of writing things down will not only help with planning and journalling but also reduces anxiety, which is only natural before big trips abroad.

Similarly, if you know someone who travels for work a lot, then a corporate travel notebook is a great idea. You can match it to their corporate colours or even upload their business logo to give that professional high quality feel.

Taking such a notebook to meetings with them, or even just using it in coffee shops and airports, is like a walking advertisement for their business.

A branded travel notebook also makes a strong promotional product for businesses within the travel industry. From airlines to hotels and remote working suppliers, a travel notebook will have much more impact than a marketing leaflet and ensures your brand is around for much longer.

Travel notebooks can be customised with colour and font choices. You can upload photographs which will increase excitement, or add an inspirational message to keep the traveller motivated.

Monogrammed notebook options also help to keep their personal items easily distinguishable if they plan to share accommodation or travel as a group.

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