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Create a range of promotional or sentimental notepads using our notebook builder!

Irrespective of your design needs, we can manufacture you a notepad to suit, either from your own promotional design - or use one of our templates for some notepad inspiration! You can include your own images and text to really personalise your notepad.

Notebook Ideas

  • Wedding Notepads
  • Personalised Journal Notebook
  • Birthday Notebook
  • Work Notebook
  • Party Notebook
  • Event Notebook
  • Vacation Notebook

Hardback Book

High quality A4 or A5 hardback notebooks, with customisable covers. Each book has 160 pages ruled with 8mm lines on high quality paper.

Refill Pad

Customisable A4 refill pads, glued at the top, each with 160 white pages. These refill pads are made with high quality 75gsm paper, 8mm ruled with margin.


Choose from our range of sizes of twinwire books, from A4 to A6. Each book is made with high quality paper with 160 pages ruled with 8mm lines.

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