Design & Create Your Own Monogrammed Notebook

Once it was a luxury for only the wealthiest of business folk and socialites. Nowadays, your very own monogrammed notebook is just a few clicks away.

Notebooks bring so much joy, even in this digital age. While we may love gadgets or the communication technology we now have access to, the act of putting pen to paper in a fresh new notebook is incomparable.

A monogrammed notebook takes such a gift to a whole other level. whether you purchase for someone else or as a special treat, all to yourself.

Although you can customise your own notebooks with colours, designs and even upload photographs and logos through our system, a simple monogrammed notebook with your name, or initials, is a sophisticated way to personalise these high quality items.

Whether you’re writing for fun, making plans and lists or taking a pad to work each day for those all important meetings, a monogrammed notebook will make an impression on anyone who sees it. And you’ll smile yourself each time you open it.

Monogrammed notebooks are also a great way to distinguish notebooks from one year to the next, by colour coordinating or adding the year beside your name. This way you can easily catalogue your plans or journals.

For the branded professional, you might choose a monogrammed notebook with your corporate colours or a small logo beside your name. If you have a whole team with you, what a lovely personal touch to present each of them with their own notebook, personalised just for them.

As a gift, monogrammed notebooks show that you have taken time and care to create something unique and special. Journalling and note taking has so many benefits for our mental and emotional wellbeing, from memory recall and relaxation to aiding sleep and boosting creativity.

A monogrammed notebook is a thoughtful gift, a prized possession and a professional company accessory that will surprise and delight.

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