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A teacher and their notebook are rarely parted. If that isn’t an old proverb then it should be!


While classrooms are increasingly filled with projector screens and tablet devices, notebooks remain the mainstay for teacher work plans and report logs.


A personalised teacher notebook can make a wonderful gift then, for the teacher of your child or a friend or family member who does this important job everyday.


End of year presents can be especially difficult to choose for teachers. You want to show your appreciation but you don’t want to give them unnecessary items they don’t need.


A teacher notebook then is a great alternative to boxes of chocolates and will most likely be used and loved throughout the year.


You can choose their favourite colours, monogram their name or write a special message on the cover. There is also the ability to upload photographs or illustrations, even logos.


Teacher notebooks can be chosen in a range of sizes and styles from hardback to pocket notebooks and spiral bound.


This makes for a bespoke gift, totally unique and very special.


Notebooks are used by so many of us because they’re practical and because we get a lot from using the, both mentally and emotionally. They can reduce stress and help learning; all great benefits for a teacher.


A corporate teacher notebook is a good business product for a school. It advertises the investment you make and pride you take in your teachers at conferences and meetings, as well as giving staff something they can use.


A company teacher notebook can also be a way to market your business or product specifically to teachers. Corporate gifts that bring practical use are the best kind because they are appreciated and stay around for longer that throwaway items.