Bulk Order Personalised Notepads & Notebooks

At My Own Stationery we offer discounts on bulk buy purchases, ideal when ordering for your office, school or marketing team. Orders of up to 5000 units available in our store!

Bulk order notebooks can be a really useful tool for your business or education centre.

Branded bulk order notebooks mean you can apply your logo, department or course name, corporate colours and specific fonts to customise them specially for your team.

Personalising bulk order notebooks means you get all the benefits of cost-efficiency and high quality with the ability to create unique or bespoke notebooks.

There’s also the benefits or resource saving, by designing once and buying in bulk. This means a small investment by you and a huge benefit to the recipients.

Perhaps you could give notebooks to you staff, students or important business partners.

Buying the notebooks in bulk order means this is achievable within budget and isn’t as technical as it used to be in terms of design or production processes.

Notebooks bulk order bought can be designed to suit any purpose. You could have a group of students who need to take notes on a particular course.

Maybe you have a staff team who would appreciate a branded professional notebook to do their brainstorming or take meeting minutes.

Or perhaps you are a business who wants to use bulk order notebooks as a promotional tool to market your company to key audiences. For this purpose, branded notebooks are so effective.

That’s partly because they’re so useful that people do tend to keep them and use them time and again, keeping your brand logo front and centre for much longer.

It’s also because people appreciate the investment beyond promotional flyers or generic business cards. Recipients will understand the effort you’ve made and be impressed by the quality and your ability to create bespoke designs to match your business.

Bulk order notebooks can then be kept in supply, they never go out of date, making a super corporate gift or marketing message as your company grows.

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