Design & Create Your Own Custom Branded Business Notebooks

Company notebooks are one of the most practical and appreciated objects you could give or receive, and they bring a wealth of benefits to your business. Read more today.

A branded company notebook is professional way to brand your business both inside and outside the office. Staff can use them on a daily basis and they will make an impression sitting on desks and at tables in meeting rooms.

Corporate company notebooks also make the perfect corporate gift to stakeholders or customers, because they can be used and appreciated all year long. They won’t end up in the recycling bin like cards, leaflets or brochures.

It also makes for a unique personal gift to customise a company notebook for someone who know who is starting a business or going out on their own as a freelancer or consultant for example.

The ability to incorporate their brand colours, upload logos and even include their name or streamline makes a totally unique gift that is thoughtful and useful.

Encouraging employees to use their company notebooks for note taking and brainstorming will provide lots of benefits from reducing their anxiety levels to helping keep people on track with goals.

The act of putting pen to paper also aids memory an supports learning while at training, during studies or while mentoring and coaching with senior staff.

Personalised company notebooks can be a good on boarding product for new staff but can also be an appreciated gift for loyal staff, perhaps monogrammed with their name or department designs.

As a marketing material, customised company notebooks are also a really good tool to keep your brand in front of people no matter where you or your people are, standing out as they’re carried under arm or sitting on tables in offices and meeting places.

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