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Designed By You

Personalise Journals with your Branding 

Branded journals are more than just the pretty Instagram star of modern day stationary.


Digital technology may have brought us more channels for communicating, but it hasn’t taken away from the traditional practices like journalling, that people have enjoyed for centuries.


And there are real tangible benefits to working with, or personally keeping, a journal.


The physical exercise of writing our thoughts down is known to reduce anxiety, encourage mindfulness, improve productivity and help us achieve our goals.


However, there is a well-recognised joy in receiving a journal as a gift or purchasing one for yourself. The crisp, blank pages yearning to be filled with plans and ideas.

Customised Journal Cover

This joy only increases when you have a personalised journal. It could showcase a design of your own creative making. It could host a motivational quote or a meaningful message for you. Perhaps the cover displays a favourite photograph or simply the colours that most inspire you.


Whether it’s for yourself or a gift for someone else, a personalised journal is a beautiful thing to own and use each day.


For branding purposes too, there are so many great reasons to carry a corporate branded journal with you.


Creative industries in particular rely on their teams being able to brainstorm, product develop, mind map and work through innovations and just be creative.


Journals are known to help with these tasks, and also act as planners and notebooks at the same time. Branded journals will add that professional touch to your everyday business dealings, like meetings or events.


Even when sitting on desks, branded journals help to tie the whole room and team together.

Design Your Journal Your Way

From a staff morale point of view, it’s an added bonus to receive an on boarding gift like a branded journal, and to feel proud to work with such quality materials each day.


Choose colours and fonts that match your brand. Upload your own photography or logo. Meet the needs of different team projects with different sizes and a variety of designs.