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Branded notebooks are a modern-day extension of the traditional brand stationery set up, which provides value to both your colleagues and the brand itself. Read more on our blog.

Businesses large and small look to convey quality and professionalism at every customer touch point from introductory business cards to the letterheads on which monthly invoices are printed.

Despite the prevalence of note-taking in every kind of industry up and down the country (every day!), you don’t see branded notepads quite so often.

That’s because corporate branded notebooks are for the businesses who take that branded communication to the next level.

For the businesses who value productivity, who know their employees need practical office solutions and want to encourage the pride staff feel when they work for a business that treats its industry image - and theirs - seriously.

Investing in company branded notebooks is not only a way to reward the workforce and create harmony across your public branding, but its a marketing tool, too.

That’s particularly important for the startups, the entrepreneurs, the graduates, the bloggers and the creatives, for whom networking is vital.

Think of every pitch and meeting, the conferences attended, the university seminars and the coffee meetings, where your notebook sits on the table, or is carried under your arm. These are all opportunities for your brand to be seen, and to impress, on the cover of a high quality branded notebook.

What greater gift could there be for those who have big ideas and big dreams to fill the empty pages?

It’s easy to believe the hype and focus on digital communications to market yourself, but don’t overlook the 2million+ Instagram posts that feature branded notebooks as the stars. Beautifully designed stationary is experiencing a revival, attracting attention wherever it goes.

While digital tools have improved our productivity, the power of putting pen to paper remains.

But what that technology has brought is the capability to simply and affordably design your own corporate branded notebooks, using our easy walk-through system.

Choose colours and fonts that match your brand. Upload your own photography and logo. Meet the needs of different team projects with different sizes and a variety of book and pad designs.

In an age of visual influence, your personal or business branding can always be out on the table at the important moments with a branded notebook.

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