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Hardback notebooks are one of the most traditional and useful pieces of equipment from homes to offices and education centres.

Yet despite the rise in digital note taking innovations, and smartphones right in our back pockets, our love for notebooks hasn’t waned.

They bring all the benefits of note taking by hand including memory recall for learning and relaxation, while also having an air of sophistication.

The ability to personalise a branded hardback notebook is even better than buying an off-the-shelf design.

You can feel like the notebook is for a more special purpose, be it studying a certain subject, business planning meetings, or a lovely household activity like logging all the families favourite meal recipes.

Branded hardback notebooks therefore make a great gift. Note taking in a hardback notebook that is personalised with your favourite colours or photographs is a joy whether you’re simply making weekly shopping lists or you’re carefully noting all your new baby milestones.

But branded hardback notebooks are equally something you can invest in all for yourself.

Even better, if you’re starting a business, are a blogger or you’re creating a portfolio while you study, incorporating a logo into a company branded hardback notebook gives a real professional touch, impressing anyone who sees it.

A corporate branded hardback notebook will protect the notes within for longer than less sturdy notepads. This is particularly useful if you need to take a hardback notebook around with you, in a handbag or laptop case, or even just underarm.

The build shields from the elements and also means you’re never without that essential hard surface for note taking on the go.

You can choose colours and fonts to match your brand. Upload your own photography or logo. Meet the needs of different projects with different sizes and a variety of designs.

Hardback Book

Create customised covers for your hardback notebooks with My Own Stationery. Our hardback notebooks are available in casebound or wirebound, A4 & A5 sizes, with your choice of 8mm lined or blank pages for wirebound and 8mm lined for casebound, both with a high-gloss finish. Create your own unique cover by uploading your completed design, or design your front and back covers using our online design builder.

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