Design & Create Your Own Pocket Notepad

A branded pocket notebook is possibly one of the most coveted gifts to receive and certainly one of the most appreciated corporate products you can give. Try it today!

Pocket notebooks are super useful, not least because of their size.

We know that taking notes is not only necessary throughout many of our daily lives, but we also benefit from doing it. Writing things down is great for our memory and our stress levels.

However, notebooks can be forgotten. There’s nothing more frustrating than hunting for some paper to take notes during a phone call or forgetting your notebook at an important meeting.

Corporate pocket notebooks can help avoid that because they’re so company and easy to carry around. A pocket notebook can easily be kept in a handbag or slipped into a laptop cover case.

Branding the notebooks with your logo or company colours and slogan can really make it stand out on the table and shows people you meet that you treat your brand professionally.

Even outside of work, stationary makes for a great gift for someone else, or just for you.

Branded pocket notebooks can provide a bespoke, unique gift that shows you’ve put a lot of time and thought into it (without the huge cost!)

You could upload someone’s artwork or photographs, choose their favourite colours or choose a font to write them a meaningful quote to look at everyday for inspiration.

Personalised pocket notebooks are perfect for those who like to log recipes, make plans, journal for mindfulness or who are planning to study or work towards their next big goal.

Sized well for small bags and pockets, they say more than a business card ever could, and will stick around much longer being used, too.

Hardback Book

Use our online designer to create your own branded hardback notebooks with My Own Stationery. A4 & A5 sizes and multiple templates are available with 8mm lined pages.


Choose from our range of sizes of twinwire books, from A4 to A6. Each book is made with high-quality paper with 160 pages (80 sheets). You have the choice between 8mm lined or blank pages. Hardback Twinwires have customisable front and back covers, made with a 1.6mm hardcover. Gloss Twinwire books are made from Maxi Satin 350gsm softer paper gloss material and have the option to personalise the front cover only, the back cover is unpersonalised with a 0.9mm plain board.

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