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Designed By You

Three ways a branded notebook can boost your business!


There’s something very satisfying about putting your own personal stamp on the stationery and business equipment you use every day. Customised notebooks give freelancers, individuals and businesses the opportunity to add a little personal flair to something that’s relatively ordinary while also boosting their business potential.

1. The professional edge

You wouldn’t show up to a client meeting wearing scruffy trainers or an un-ironed shirt. Making a good impression is about considering the smaller details to present a professional, slick demeanor. The same goes for the stationery and equipment you use. Pulling smartly branded corporate notebooks out of your work bag is an excellent way to show external agencies, clients and colleagues that your business is professional, right down to the smallest detail.

2. Extra exposure

Everyone knows that good publicity costs big money but there are smaller, everyday things you can do to ensure that your company branding gets extra exposure. A branded notepad is something that’s always in use, whether you’re jotting down ideas in your local coffee shop, scribbling a reminder on the tube, or plotting something big in a corporate meeting. It’s a great way to get that little extra boost of exposure all day, every day.

3. Gifts that keep on giving

When the end of the year rolls around or a new partnership has been formed, why not mark the occasion with a corporate gift? Create some business notepads with your company branding splashed across the front and send them out along with a notecard or greeting card. Not only have you given them something they can really use, but you’ll have your branding on the desks of multiple individuals, all day, every day.