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Designed By You

With Christmas now approaching, it won't be long until talks of presents, secret Santa gifts and work parties will begin to start dominating discussions. It is the most wonderful time of the year - and possibly the most stressful, depending on your sentiments. But one thing is for certain: it is a busy time of the year. A sure-fire way to get ahead is to start prepping as soon as you can.

Gift-giving can throw people off course if not enough thought or planning goes into it. This means you could find yourself on Christmas Eve dashing around high street stores throwing £20 at the nearest generic gift set for someone you've forgotten about. Most of us will have blown money on something we know wasn't worth it just to produce something wrapped for the following day, but this can be wasteful and unnecessary.

The good thing is that nowadays it is possible to get almost anything personalised, from mugs to doormats, so that you can give a truly distinctive yet useful gift. At My Own Stationery, we specialise in quality notepads that will see clients right through the new year.

Personalised notebooks

Living in a digital age, you could be forgiven for thinking that, by now, paper would be extinct. Thankfully, this is far from the case. As with fashion and style, trends are cyclical, and just as typewriters have come back into the fore alongside Walkmans and record players, the good old notebook has too. It's not just about nostalgia either, notebooks are practical - helping you keep on top of to-do lists, goals and project information.

However, one of the best things about a personalised notebook is not only that it gives the receiver a lovely warm feeling every time they look at it, they will be less likely to ever forget it, due to their personal attachment to it. Plus, being able to customise the covers with a beautiful design, a message of thanks, the recipient's name, or your company branding means it'll look cool too, right? Not to mention spread word of your company far and wide.

The benefits of personalised gift

There is something nice about receiving a gift that has your name on it. It says to the receiver, 'This was meant for you'. From hardback books to refills to twin wire pads, My Own Stationery has three quality options to chose from at prices starting from £9.80 each for a personalised product. If ordered in enough time, it can be incredibly cost effective to bulk-buy a number of the same gifts for a variety of colleagues, staff or clients. So why not take a look and give something truly unique this Christmas?