Does Size Matter When It Comes To Notebooks?

Does Size Matter When It Comes To Notebooks?

Almost everybody has a notebook on their desk. It is a handy tool to take down quick notes, think of creative ideas, or organise a to-do list.

Moreover, the notebook often includes company branding as it is often an essential part of your business' branding strategy. It will provide a brand impression wherever the notebook is being used.

However, the difficulty is that notebooks come in a range of sizes, and even though the most common are A4 and A5, there are those who prefer a big notebook and those who would rather use a smaller notebook. Therfore, when it comes to choosing a notebook for your business, you must ask yourself whether size does truly matter.

Does size matter?

There are many things to consider when choosing to add branding to your notebook, and size is one of those parameters. The choice of size will depend on who you are handing the notebook too. Will it be used internally or is it a gift for a client?

You must consider whether the notebook will be branded or whether it will be plain stock. When it comes to giving out a notebook, clients would probably prefer an A5 branded notebook, whereas staff might prefer an A4 notepad.

However, even though your target audience plays a big part in choosing the size of your branded notebook, there are other factors to take into consideration too.

What are you writing?

It might sound obvious, but you should definitely consider the notebook's purpose when choosing branded notepads or notebooks. Will the notepads only be used to take notes? Will those notes include sketches? Will the notebook be taken to client meetings?

If the notes include sketches, a plain A4 notepad is the ideal writing material. If the notebook is to be taken to regular client meetings, then the ideal size is A5 because it can easily be slipped into a laptop bag or a folder. While the use is important to consider when choosing a notebook, it is mainly valid for when choosing a notebook for internal use.

Stand out from the crowd

There are many other points you also need to take into account, including your main competitors: your branded notepad will need to stand out from anyone else's. You will need to pick up any merchandise given out by competitors so you can gauge what their branding strategy is. Then you can select a style of branded notebook that is completely different to other companies'.

If competitors are all giving out A4 notebooks, you might want to opt for an A5 notebook. If the competitor's branding does not appear prominently, then you will want to make sure the logo printed on your branded notebook is large, eye-catching and central in order to maximise the impact.

What's your industry?

Those parameters aside, picking the size that is most suitable for your branded notebook will also depend on the industry in which your business operates.

Certain sizes of notepad might comply with or go against industry standards. In a creative industry such as graphic design, a branded A4 notebook with plain paper can be carried easily and leaves plenty of space for sketches, graphic plans and annotations. On the other hand, a lined A5 notebook makes more sense for an accountancy firm: they can be slotted easily inside a folder or briefcase, and the lines will make jotted notes much easier to read later.

In both of these cases, size does matter. The choice of size will make your business appear more organised, professional and forward-thinking.

Circumstances make all the difference

One final parameter to consider is: when exactly will the branded notebook be given out? Will it be part of your exhibition pack, will it be given as a free gift alongside certain deals, or will it only be handed out to clients?

Practicality comes first. A branded A4 notepad might not fit in the bag that contains all the other freebies in your giveaway pack. But there are certain circumstances in which an A4 notepad is the ideal choice: if you have a stand at a web design convention, a plain, uninspired A5 notepad is likely to get lost in the crowd. Meanwhile, a bigger pad decorated with a bold, vibrant logo will attract much more attention and match the branding efforts of your competitors.

Therefore, when choosing a branded notepad for your business, size definitely does matter. Promotional merchandise is often at the centre of your branding strategy, so it's important to make the right choice.

As with any other product your marketing team plans to develop, factors such as target audience, usage and industry standards are vital. You need to insure that your branded notepad is memorable and attractive so that clients and staff alike gain a lasting impression of your brand every time they pick up a pen.

The notepad needs to be as easy to use as it is impressive. If the notebook is impractical – either too cumbersome to carry or too small to draw and annotate – it will be shoved to the back of a bookcase or thrown straight in the bin. However, if you choose your notebook size correctly, paying careful attention to the needs of your audience and industry, people will use it every day and remember your brand each time they do.

A well-chosen notebook can pay dividends when it comes to increasing brand awareness, particularly if you have chosen a standout design and a notepad that is of a size which is pleasant to use.

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