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Designed By You

Like with any forms of business, brand recognition and awareness is an important part of becoming a successful estate agent. You, as an estate agent, are a brand, and when potential clients are in the market to buy property, you want the first and only name they think of to be yours. You know these things. But as there are so many estate agents vying for the same clients, becoming known, recognised and remembered can be extremely difficult.

Of course, you know your job, have a stack of well-designed business cards, and a property range to die for. But more is needed. We believe one of the best ways to effectively market yourself and your brand lies in personalised branded notebooks

Benefits of branded notebooks

There are many websites suggesting expensive and complicated methods of marketing yourself. However, few are as simple or perhaps as effective as branded notebooks. If you choose to market yourself with branded, personalised notebooks, customers will have in their possession something they can and probably will look at frequently and freely use, as they do so they will be reminded of you and your business.

A benefit of using notebooks over or as well as other popular marketing methods like business cards or large adverts of your listing, is that as notebooks are something potential clients and customers are likely to use, they will be less likely to ignore other methods of marketing, such as business cards or even popular social media platforms such as Instagram (which whilst being effective, are only effective when the customer is on those specific sites). Customised notebooks are without a doubt one of the most effective and underused forms of marketing you can use.

Not only this, if you use your personalised branded notebook yourself, you and your brand will be elevated in the minds of all who see you with it. You'll immediately be considered to be both a hugely organised and effective estate agent. With this impression created, it will become actualised.

Brands live and die on recognition, and your notebook will be the tool you need to succeed.

Easiest way to get personalised notebooks

We offer a convenient way to easily create such notebooks. With us you can create a range of professional quality notebooks, emblazoned with whatever design you choose.

If you are yet to settle on a logo or design to market yourself with, this isn’t a problem as we have a designer to help and advise you with design for the notebook you’ll be happy with.

Both the back and front of the books are fully customisable to your design. So you can easily create a range of notebooks that make you, as an estate agent, stand out from the crowd, and put you at the forefront of customer’s thoughts.