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Designed By You

The desire to explore and see the world is an almost universal human trait. Students take gap years to travel around the globe and immerse themselves in foreign cultures, working families take holidays abroad in order to experience more of the planet, and retirees are known for enjoying sedate, stately cruises around the world. It seems that no matter who you are or what stage of your life you happen to be at, the impulse to travel is always with you. But what’s the one accoutrement every traveller should have (aside from a passport)? A travel journal.

Since time immemorial, explorers and tourists have recorded their adventures in travel journals in order to help preserve their experiences abroad. Travel journals are deeply personal items; they are filled with the traveller’s memories and reflect the idiosyncratic nature of their journey. We at My Own Notepad believe that the cover of a travel journal should be as unique as its interior.

If you’re planning on taking a trip abroad, you could benefit from a customised notebook. Customised notebooks make ideal travel journals because you can choose the ideal design for the cover. You could choose to put an image of the country or area that you plan to visit on the front of your travel journal. Alternatively, you could simply pick a picture or design that’s personal to you. Whatever image you choose will endow your notebook with a unique personality that will complement its contents. All travel journals are special. However, those with personalised covers are particularly beautiful souvenirs of the adventures their writers have experienced. Why use an ordinary book to record extraordinary experiences? Personalised notebooks are the perfect medium in which to record your travels!


Our customised notebooks come in A4 and A5 sizes. What’s more, you can choose between flexible, twin-wire-bound books or lustrous hardbacks (we also offer refill pads - but those may not make appropriate travel journals). In other words, we have notebooks available to suit any traveller, tourist or adventurer. Wherever you plan on going, whatever you plan on doing when you arrive, and however long you plan on staying, we have the perfect notebook for you to use as a travel journal.