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There has never been a time in history with more ways to market a business, and each day more and more dynamic ways of advertising seem to be created.

Social media alone has revolutionised the entire field. Thousands of articles have been written which detail the numerous ways to develop interesting and dynamic advertising campaigns. The effect of all this means that companies are marketing themselves in relatively similar ways, so sticking out from the crowd is absolutely vital. Here are a couple of ways to achieve this:

1. Don't just focus on online marketing

This might sound counter-productive and backwards, but ultimately we are so used to online advertising that we are blind to it.

Think about it, you have probably seen many adverts over the last hour, but it's probable that you have forgotten most of them already. As such, these adverts are ineffective. To advertise effectively you have to consider all opportunities and, although offline advertising might seem a little 20th century, it can still be highly effective.

2. Make your adverts usable

This might sound quite unusual at first. But it's actually easier, cheaper and more achievable than you'd think.

The idea is that most adverts, be they commercials (which can be skipped or ignored) posters (easily ignored and removed) or adverts on social media (easily ignored or even not noticed), can be annoying for customers if they aren't outright ignored.

If the advert was something the customer was to find usable, they would not only have an easily accessible reminder of your company, but something they might think well of.

But what is the most effective way of putting these tips into action?

We believe that the answer to this question is quite simple: customised, branded notebooks.

A branded notebook is a hugely effective tool for advertising.

They can function as gifts for prospective or current clients. When you or your employees are seen with a branded custom notebook, your company will be seen as a business which is hugely successful and extremely prestigious.

We offer a great platform for the creation and printing of branded notebooks. You can have your logo printed on the front or backs of your notebooks.