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Did you know that carrying around a personalised notebook can help you refine and improve the way you think? You can use a notebook to help make you better at your job, spark your creative abilities or make it easier to recall memories that are precious to you in more detail. It may sound far-fetched, but the simple act of using a notebook can genuinely improve your life in a number of ways, simply by honing your mind.

It’s commonly accepted that writing something down can help you remember it. Obviously, once you’ve written something down, you’ll be able to consult your notes on it later if you need to. However, the act of writing itself can help fix an idea or memory in your head more firmly.

It’s easy for business professionals to forget small details about their co-workers, their work environment or upcoming events, even though those details might affect their job. After all, nobody can remember everything. Similarly, a creative person (such as a writer or artist) may think of a brilliant idea, only to find that they are unable to recall it later. Finally, ordinary people may not be able to remember every detail of the most important days in their lives (such as wedding days), purely because it’s natural for details to slip by unnoticed or be forgotten as time rolls on.

But imagine if all the people we just described had notebooks. The business professional could jot down notes about things that might become important to their job later. The creative person could quickly write down their ideas as soon as they had them. The individual who wants to remember a particular event could write a journal entry about it while it’s still fresh in their mind. Do you want to become better at your job, improve your creative output or simply recall fond memories more clearly? One of our customised notebooks could help you.

If you get into the habit of writing things down, it won’t just allow you to recall or access information more easily: it will also increase the amount of information you become aware of in the first place. When you get into the habit of looking for and writing down useful information, you will naturally start paying closer attention to the world around you and to your own thoughts: you will pick up on more useful information and specific details and realise when you have an idea you can use.

Of course, in theory you could use a standard, off-the-shelf notebook. However, by choosing to use a highly personal customised notebook, you are making a psychological commitment to using it regularly, which will help ensure that you really do get into the habit of writing things down in it. What's more, personalised notebooks are always a pleasure to use.

Our customised notebooks don’t just provide you with a space to make notes, they can change the way you think!

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Hardback Book

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Softback Book

Our customisable cover softback notebooks are available in wirebound style, with a choice of sizes, number of pages, and either high-quality lined or blank paper. Depending on the type of book you choose, you have the option to upload your professional design or custom design the front & back cover in our online design builder.

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