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The benefits of branding your notebooks

Providing branded notebooks within your business can encourage increased productivity & a platform to display your branding to additional audiences. Design yours today!

When it comes to the branding exercises and promotional tools you decide to utilise for your company, there is often far too much choice to know what would be the best fit for your business. From keyrings to coasters, cups to stickers - the first things we may think of when choosing branded items, whether for employees or as giveaways, tend to be those that offer minimal impact but maximum costs. But there is another way to get your message across: with high-quality, customisable branded notepads. A versatile and unique take on company branding, personalised business notepads offer an eye-catching and practical way to promote what you do.

Why go branded?

There are many reasons why your business may want to opt for customised notepads, from the free promotion it can provide beyond shows and exhibitions to the option to bring your branding with you wherever you go. Whether you're considering custom notebooks as a giveaway for your customers, or as an internal item for your valued team, promotional branded notebooks can offer a solution that is as practical as it is appealing. Here are just a few ways that your branding could benefit from the introduction of customised notebooks.

Take your brand with you anywhere

Unlike more clunky forms of advertisement, such as mugs or desktop items, the portability of a notebook is a huge benefit to branding exercises. From sitting at your desk to attending internal meetings to visiting events or trade shows and even attending conferences, a notebook can be at the forefront of your attention; and as such, it will be visible to everyone else too.

This is where great custom design comes in handy, by producing beautifully finished personalised notebooks with a finish that will draw attention. An excellent promotion of the value held by your company both for its employees and its customers, choosing a high-quality notebook can reflect the values of your brand - and who doesn't want to be known as a business that produces things of great quality?

If you're looking for the ideal way to represent your brand, then customised notebooks are a great choice. Even in a smaller A5 size, there's plenty of room for imaginative design with far less of the restrictions of other promotional products, allowing you to get creative with how you use the space. With a bold design and clear text, your brand could easily be identified from meters away.

Simple yet effective for promotion

In comparison to other forms of branding, a well-designed notepad also doesn't feel intrusive when used in a public setting or even during talks and meetings with clients. It simply offers an intriguing peek into what your business can offer without the pushiness of true promotional items that demand the viewers' attention. For anything from trade shows and events to conferences, the ability to advertise beyond your booth or area in a non-pushy way can be an added bonus.

A notepad tucked under someone's arm, being scribbled in at the cafeteria or simply being extracted from a giveaway bag at a show can quickly have other customers visiting you in search of good-quality freebies that have a practical use for them. Forget fidget spinners or keyrings, a notepad has a lasting value which is always a good thing in your potential customers' minds, and definitely an idea you want your business associated with.

As a promotional tool or giveaway for events, the practicality of notebooks also wins out over more attention-grabbing but less long-lasting events or conference loot. Think of stationery as having a ripple effect; though the immediate use of the notebook might not be apparent, over time each branded notebook will make its way to a desk, or meeting, or event beyond your business - and is seen by many more people each day. This long-term branding strategy is ideal for the promotion of your business as something that is useful and functional for your customers.

Encourage productivity in the workplace

Personalised notebooks aren't just a great idea for a giveaway or promotional purposes, they can also be a great way to promote productivity around the office with the clever use of branding. The use of notebooks for taking notes within meetings, writing information when out of the office or simply creating to-do lists for their day can all provide additional levels of productivity to the workday. Not only does this lead to a more productive workforce, it also leads to a happier and more organised staff.

Personalised notebooks are the ideal branded stationery to have on desks. Much like at shows and conferences, their presence does not indicate overwhelming advertising or marketing in what could be considered a person's 'personal space' on their desks. Instead, it offers a high-quality product that can be utilised as a way to show pride in the company that they work for, as well as a practical addition to their workflow.

Not only do branded notebooks offer that personal touch when it comes to gifting branded merchandise to employees, it also suggests a level of care for your employees. With a great quality notebook that they can use time and time again, you're showing the value that your staff holds to you. Cheap items or products will likely be met with less than favourable opinions, but a practical and appealing item holds a great deal more worth.

Why notebooks?

It may feel with the introduction of computers and other technology in the workplace that paper is obsolete when it comes to day to day working. This might be true for paperwork, but it's definitely not the case for the use of stationery. From personal preference to an enhanced productivity tool, notebooks are bigger than ever - with a focus on style, practicality and quality when it comes to what we choose to put pen to.

At My Own Stationery, we pride ourselves on producing personalised business notebooks that are a joy to work with; great to look at and easy to write in. Take a look at our products today to customise your own notebook design, or get in contact with us to find out more.

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