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Designed By You

Customised notebooks and notepads are an incredibly stylish and functional business tool – whether for marketing campaigns, boosting staff creativity or jotting notes during meetings, they constantly work at building your brand. Personalised with your company branding, logos and colours, they proudly shout about your company for all to see.


But what is your company shouting? One of the most pressing issues today is our environment; customers and clients are increasingly savvy and concerned about our impact on the planet, so imagine if something as simple as your notebook could convey that you share that concern.


Paper products come, of course, from the limited resources of our world’s forests and printed products often use inks that leave behind chemical residues during or after the printing process. So how can you avoid buying into this but still get your hands on a great product and visibly improve your CSR (corporate social responsibility)? There are several internationally recognised certifications you can look out for. 


Swan Label 

Swan Label certification is given to companies and products that use cutting edge environmental processes, from raw materials to waste. This means that at every step of production, choices are made to leave the lightest impact on the environment.



The Forest Stewardship Council ensures that all products bearing its logo use materials that can be traced back to well managed forests, so you can be confident that the product you’ve bought is sustainable. PEFC The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification scheme also works with sustainably managed forests, promoting these forests to wood and paper product manufacturers, ensuring there is a market for the high quality wood they produce.  


These are just three examples, and our notebooks are certified by all three organisations. We also work to support the work of the Irish Tree Council and Save the Rhino International, as the preservation of the environment is at the centre of our business ethics. So not only are the notebooks you buy held up to the highest quality standards, once you’ve ordered your personalised books, you too are supporting the sustainability of one of our most valuable natural assets and stemming the tide of climate change.