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The ultimate hotel guest gift

Tourists and business travellers are always jotting down notes about places to visit, appointments and more, so a personalised notebook as part of the welcome pack can secure you repeat bookings as they take their notebook home as a memento.

It’s a simple concept that has been proven to work. Instead of the loose paper that so many hotels provide, as in the traditional business letterhead, going that little bit further creates a positive impression on your guests. A high-quality printed notebook with high-quality images of your hotel on the cover will bring back positive memories of a great trip and could inspire them to come back.

It might be next month, it might be next year, they could even pull out that notebook in 10 years and a few simple notes could inspire a nostalgic trip down memory lane that brings them back to your hotel. It’s every bit as effective as a photo album, as just a few scribbled appointments and local sights, even a restaurant booking, could be all it takes to get your guests talking, thinking and dreaming about coming back.

Your guests also become advocates for your hotel if they take their notebook with them and use it at work. It’s a natural conversation starter as colleagues will inevitably ask about their stay and your prestige notepad will be like a flyer that gets used again and again. Not every guest will carry the pad around with them, but the ones that do become instant sales staff, spreading your message and helping you find new clients.

Of course if you’re the kind of hotel that will furnish your guests with a high quality notepad then you’ve almost certainly got some great photographs of your establishment. With a little careful planning you can have a number of quality images on the front and rear cover and you can show your hotel at its very best, from the exterior to the food.

It’s every bit as good as an online review and your guests will appreciate the gesture on their travels and occasionally return the favour many times over with positive word-of-mouth reviews to their friends and colleagues. You never know, too, they might even come back.

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Hardback Book

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