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These days businesses use various innovative and creative ideas for advertising and companies are always looking for new ways to get their company noticed and to stand out to as many people as possible.

1. Introduction of personalised notebooks to a business

An interesting new take on this is the introduction of personalised and branded notebooks. These notebooks can be ordered with the design of your choice on the cover allowing for a personalised design or more importantly in business a company logo and specific company information. Notebooks are useful in businesses for many different purposes. They can be used day-to-day by members of staff.

2. Get your company noticed anywhere

Nowadays many staff work on projects whilst travelling to and from work or in places out with the office – coffee shops, cafes, libraries, etc. Having your business logo or design on these notebooks will result in it catching people’s eyes anywhere that the notebooks are being used and they work as a great advertising feature. People will see the company name and perhaps be intrigued. You could consider having the company website mentioned on the cover too for people to log on and have a look for themselves.

3. Showcase your company notebooks wherever possible

Another excellent idea for these personalised notebooks is to use them at important business meetings, perhaps lay one out for corporate clients to take notes on and to then take away with them - meaning the notebook leaves and can be seen by people in various other places and getting your company noticed by a wider client base.

4. Corporate gifts

Every year businesses look for interesting corporate gifts to pass on to customers, clients, representatives and other businesses. A high quality hard backed notebook with tailored with your company logo and details on would make the ideal corporate gift that is both useful for the recipient and is also helping you reach a wider audience. A notebook is the type of thing that is going to be used by whoever receives it and not just thrown away as a gimmick, ensuring your business continues to get noticed by new people all year round.

So, the next time you are looking for a positive addition to your business stationary cupboard consider personalised corporate notebooks as a great yet subtle advertising tool.