Why notebooks rule over laptops in meetings!

Why notebooks rule over laptops in meetings!

It’s understandable that businesses will want to embrace modern technology in every way that they can. After all, it’s the 21st century and there are plenty of gadgets designed to help an office run more smoothly. However, it’s sometimes better to stick with tried and trusted methods – such as a notebook. This is certainly true in meetings where notepads have proven to have many benefits over laptops. If you’re yet to clock on to the advantages for your company, here are nine things to think about.

1. Noise

The soft sound of a pen gliding across paper is hardly even noticeable in a working environment. On the other hand, the sound that comes from typing on a keyboard can be distracting and harsh to people’s ears. It’s not just this noise that stems from laptops either. Instead, there can be the ping of emails landing in an inbox and the jingle of programmes starting up. This is far from ideal when someone is talking and trying to get their point across. Luckily, such noises won’t disrupt the flow of a meeting if staff are using a notepad. This should lead to an increased level of productivity.

2. Practicality

A meeting can quickly get underway once everyone present has pulled out their notebook, opened it up and taken the lid off their pen. This literally takes no more than 30 seconds. Meanwhile, the same can’t be said for laptops. While some machines will need to be switched on, others will need to be charged up and load certain programmes. It’s therefore fair to say that they’re nowhere near as practical as notepads when it comes to getting things off the ground in a speedy fashion.

3. Inclusion

Meetings are most productive when everyone is on an even playing field. After all, this ensures that people feel equal to their colleagues and are happy to share their opinions. Unfortunately, it creates a divide when some members of staff are using a laptop. This is something that will happen naturally given that the machines can be quite pricey and most companies can’t afford to supply them within their budget. Meanwhile, notebooks are a great alternative that can be handed out to staff at all levels before a meeting begins.

4. Problems

Can you foresee anyone having a problem with a notepad? The only viable issue would be that someone finds one so convenient to use that they run through all their paper and require another notebook. The same can’t be said for laptops. Instead, on any given day you’re looking at screens freezing, batteries running out and keys sticking. These kinds of problems can severely delay proceedings and hinder the overall progress of a meeting. Sadly, these are the risks that you take when your workforce relies on technology.

5. Team mentality

There’s a sense of comradeship when everyone is working towards a common goal while using the same stationery. This is only heightened when the said stationery is a customised notepad. These notebooks – which can be branded with your company’s logo or even an inspirational quote – are ideal for building a team mentality and helping people to stay on the same page as their colleagues. Laptops just can’t match up in the same way and can send an ‘every man to himself’ message when used in meetings.

6. Focus

The best way to achieve results is to always remain focused on the task at hand. This, of course, isn’t always possible in meetings when people’s minds start to wander or concentration begins to wane. It’s obvious that this is more likely to happen in situations where people are using laptops rather than notebooks. This is because there’s always the temptation to read emails, surf the web or even play an online game. In addition, the bright light on a laptop screen is much more likely to grab someone’s attention over the subtlety of ruled paper in a notepad.

7. Understanding

There is a big difference between writing something down and typing it out. In fact, research has even been carried out into which one is better for helping people understand information. Last year, Princeton University and the University of California, Los Angeles carried out an experiment in which some students were given a laptop and others were given a notepad to use in lectures. It was later determined that those who had handwritten their own notes had a better understanding of the subject. Using this evidence, it’s clear that a notepad could be vital in helping staff comprehend their notes from a meeting.

8. Timing

It's true that the majority of people can probably type faster than they can write. But really, when have meetings been all about speed? In reality, it’s more helpful for meetings to run to their full duration because it allows for opportunities where staff can become inspired and new ideas can be brought to the table. Therefore, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that laptops are more reliable than notepads because they can help things to conclude earlier. It’s not a race in the world of business.

9. Trust

There’s no doubt that handwritten notes are reliable. In particular, ink has proven that it can stand the test of time and be visible for generations after being used. This certainly isn’t the case for documents which have been typed on a laptop. Instead, it just takes one glitch for all the information to disappear – often branding the entire meeting useless in the process. In other scenarios, folders can unknowingly be deleted before someone even realises what they’re doing.

Face the facts!

It’s clear that notepads always come up trumps over laptops. You can start enjoying the benefits of them in meetings by stocking up for your staff. These can come in different sizes and styles, not to mention that they can also be customised. If you’re feeling creative and want to make the most of your design skills, you can get your hands on personalised notebooks from My Own Stationery.

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